Dance Classes with Yinka Esi Graves on 19/03/2016


I am very excited to be returning to Manchester on the 19th of March to continue building on the work we started in autumn 2015.

I will be teaching 4 hours of classes:
1:30 hrs for level 1- technique + bulerías
2:30 hrs for level 2- technique + fandangos

If you’re interested in joining the course and for details on how to book your place please contact me here:

Date: Saturday 19th March 2016
Location: Central Manchester TBC


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Alegrias workshop with Jaime Burgos and Ana Real

Here is a video from a video from back in 2013. I kept it as a private link for ages, but now that Brenda who dances here is sadly not with us anymore it seems appropriate to share the clip for everyone to enjoy. I remember at the time  she had a bus pass around her neck which she was later really embarrassed about. She was a really inspiring dancer, teacher and passionate about developing a vibrant scene for Flamenco in Manchester.