Dance Classes with Yinka Esi Graves on 19/03/2016


I am very excited to be returning to Manchester on the 19th of March to continue building on the work we started in autumn 2015.

I will be teaching 4 hours of classes:
1:30 hrs for level 1- technique + bulerías
2:30 hrs for level 2- technique + fandangos

If you’re interested in joining the course and for details on how to book your place please contact me here:

Date: Saturday 19th March 2016
Location: Central Manchester TBC


Timetable and prices:
11am- 12:30pm Level 1: £18
12:30- 3:00pm Level 2: £30
Level 1+ Level 2: £45

I’ve been thinking a great deal about how to improve the classes and have decided to run them a little differently. Firstly I am separating the technique classes. In both classes we will spend 45 minutes focussing on technique relevant to our level and choreography. I’m currently going back to basics in my own practice, so I would like to work with level 1s on simple (I promise!) but clear sequences to help build confidence in your footwork in particular.

How to best use the material we have already set for you to get more out of it, is also something I would like to do. So the second part of the classes will be focussed on dancing the material, thinking about style, accents and nuance in choreography. This set of classes will be about how to make what we already have work, how to make it solid, to know where it goes in terms of compás, how to get the best sound out of it and how to dance it with our bodies.

In reality I feel like this is where the fun begins! Now that you have the material, how are we going to use it to actually dance?!

For anyone who doesn’t have the material, not to worry we will be reworking everything in great detail so you’ll have to work a little harder, but it’ll be a great chance to learn some very useful resources!