dotdotdot Flamenco Dance and Guitar Workshops

Saturday September 30th, 2017

Dance students will learn technique, some choreography as well as an introduction to flamenco singing. All of these courses include a short break and the last hour will consist of a ‘Join the Dots’ session where all of the groups join together and learn how the dance, guitar and singing connect.

The workshops will cover Tangos and Bulerías for both dancers and guitarists.  The palos will be explained and material will then be put into practice in the ‘Join the Dots’ session where guitarists and dancers join with the fantastic singer Anna Colom! It’s a brilliant and unique opportunity to experience live singing, asking any questions you might have and also to learn essential skills for your own performances. This material is great for fin de fiesta and also for finishing a solo dance.

Learn a little more about dotdotdot guitarist Liam Howarth! He will be teaching another brilliant workshop on how to accompany dance.

12:30 – 16:30 Level 1 Dance (Beginners)

12:30 – 16:30 Level 2 Dance (Intermediate)

12:30 – 16:30 Guitar Masterclass (Intermediate)

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Studio Address: Studio 25, 25 Church St, Manchester M4 1PE

dotdotdot will perform a ‘dotdotdot dance Tablao Night’ the same evening.